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High Production Rack and Trays (and mini-greenhouse) for Soil Cubes

Our first tutorial is on making a high production rack and trays for your soil cubes. We will use easy to find parts and a little customization in order to make a four season soil cube rack/greenhouse! This is a quick and easy project. It takes less than one hour so you should build one today! Using the Soil Cube Tool to make Soil Blocks is Awesome!

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How to use the Soil Cube Tool to make soil blocks for starting seeds!

Here is the free instructions on making soil blocks with step by step instructions as well as a recipe for a great seed starting soil.

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Designed to help you get more out of your garden! We have a lot of tutorials coming to maximize your SOIL CUBE TOOL! As soon as we are done transitioning to the new site, we will get to work publishing them and be posting them here as .pdfs for you download. (right click on pencil to download)


Cloning Veggies

Our next tutorial is underway. We are going to show you how to use Soil Cubes to clone your favorite veggies! We have been doing this for a couple of years and can take one healthy and vigorous plant, take a few cuttings, and in far less time than it takes to get a new plant going from seed, you will get a dozen new plants ready to go out into the garden.

The last cloning we did made six, 6" new cloned tomato plants, ready to go out to the garden in under two weeks. We didn't lose a single cutting as well! This is a great way to maximize production! Once the photos are all done, we will be posting the full tutorial here.

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potting blocks

Indoor Mushroom Growing Guide

This is an quick, simple, and easy guide to growing mushrooms indoors.

growing your own mushrooms indoors152KB

Historical and background information on using the Soil Cube Tool to make Potting Blocks for seed starting!

Learn how the Aztecs used potting blocks for seed starting and why you should too!

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