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Comments about the incredible Soil Cube Tool

Hey Clayton, I've been using the Soil Cube with all my seed starts and just wanted to let you know I'm loving the tool. Just to compare, I planted most of my tomatoes in soil cubes and also planted some in the plastic trays you get when you purchase seed starts from the store. The growth of the soil cube starts is way more vigorous and they're just generally healthier looking plants.


I purchased a soil cube tool from you last fall and yesterday was the first time I've had to use it. It was simple and effective to set out the cubes and I just wanted to thank you for making such a simple and straight- forward tool.


I have the Soil Cube tool and after using it... I wouldn't be without it. Seriously.


Looks lovely! Much better than the assorted empty plastic tubs and battered nursery cells I've been using...


Not sure how I hadn't come across soil cubes before but these cut out so much waste! Thanks.


I've been experimenting with lots of recycling ways to make containers for seed starting. What a wonderful way to skip the whole container thing.


I particularly like his development of soil cubes for starting seeds, instead of using plastic containers. These little compacted cubes of a special soil mixture relieve the gardener of the need for those bothersome plastic trays where the roots end up growing out of the bottoms. With his technique, simply plop the seedling and soil cube into the prepared space, and that's it!


Just made 50 cubes. I love it man. Great product


Testimonials and Reviews

Here are some reviews by people who have purchased the Soil Cube Tool and started using it in their gardens to make what are called, soil cubes, soil blocks, or potting blocks, to start their seeds. This is the best way to see how using soil cubes for seed starting is one of the most amazing things you can do to produce more thriving seedlings for your garden as well as producing seedlings to sell at market!


The Horticultural Engineer video


Iowa State University



soil Block maker

Using the Soil Cube Tool to make Soil Blocks for seed starting!

Here is an introduction video that shows the basics of the Soil Cube Tool and making soil blocks for starting your seeds.

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Hi Clayton! Awesome site, looks really great. I ordered a soil cube from you a month or so ago. I LOVE IT!!

Roger - Ontario, Canada

The Soil Cube is WONDERFUL !! I have all kinds of beatiful veggies I just planted outside. Meanwhile I have very happy plants. Oh, I used some seeds from 1999 and they sprouted wonderfully :)


Love your Soil Cube maker - I just started gardening this year, I had been putting it off cause I didn't think that I would like it but it was glareing at me as a top thing to do on my survival knowledge checklist. Anyway - I started it and really like it after all.

Keith - El Paso, Tx.

I think your product is really insanely great!